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The fantastic Daniel James Keys taught a workshop at Pixar this weekend. I absolutely love his work! Not all great painters are great teachers – Daniel is both. Two full days of great instruction, followed by painting flowers, surrounded by my talented co-workers at Pixar ==  one happy Charu. I am fortunate to work at …

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The Sunset Quandary

I am conflicted about sunsets. Or rather, about images of sunsets. All year round I marvel at Bay Area sunsets where the sky seems like the palette of an artist gone wild. And yet I cringe at the idea of putting up a photograph of a sunset on my wall. In big part because of …

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‘Delicious’ is opening at Studio Gallery in San Francisco next weekend. It is their annual art show inspired by food and drink. Some of my paintings are in the show, along with works by my talented friends Nancy Tsang and TomW. The show is up from September 25th – October 20th. It’s always a treat …

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Plein Air

    The Bay area is never as beautiful, ripe and delicious as in late spring – early summer. Last week I painted outdoors with a painter whose work I absolutely love – Bryan Mark Taylor. His love for the outdoors is evident in his breathtaking paintings. I had three great, sun-filled days over the course …

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It’s Persimmon Season!

  It’s persimmon season! Much as I love eating persimmons, I like painting them even more. Growing up in India, persimmons were a rarity and we called it “the Japanese fruit”. In California, though, they are all over the farmer’s markets and fruit stalls in the fall. I can marvel over the reds, oranges, yellows …

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  Some of my work is in the show “tiny” at Studio Gallery in San Francisco. The opening reception was yesterday and was fantastic! It was such a treat to see all the gorgeous paintings put up so lovingly by Rab and Jennifer. The show is up till Dec. 23rd. If you are in the neighborhood stop …

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The Hernandez Family

  Here is the final painting of Miguel, a very pregnant Bridgette and Luna. I think Bridgette is two weeks from her due date, so I finished the painting in the nick of time. I have to say I’m enjoying painting the pregnant ladies……anyone else need a painting of a pregnant friend / wife / …

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  Burt brought in this super fun mask to paint last week. Though it was extremely detailed in the gold and feathers, I decided to keep my painting to broad and simple strokes. It gave me some fun ideas for Halloween, too.

Bridgette, Miguel and Luna

  Rough sketch for a commissioned painting. Reihan said I should draw rhinoceroses on Bridgette’s dress instead of polka dots. It’s a pretty compelling idea, but I think I’ll pass.