Random doodles and other stuff

Blue Pottery

  I love blue pottery, especially from Jaipur, Poland and Mexico. I had a bit of a painting mind-block the past few weeks so I took a trip down Trader Joe’s aisles yesterday, looking for beautiful objects, jars, bottles, food, fruits, flowers….anything that might inspire me to paint. These sunflowers hit the spot, though there …

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Carey Blossom

  I finally got down to finishing the painting of Carey. I’m mailing it to her today and hope she likes it. All pregnant women should have artwork dedicated to them 🙂

It’s a tea kind of morning

  Tia brought in a gorgeous collection of small Chinese teapots this morning. Nancy got some sugar cubes. I got some chocolate cupcakes. We ate the cupcakes and painted the teapots and sugar. Happy Friday!

Painting night with Fonzie

  My dear and talented friend Fonzie came over last night to paint with me. We picked some roses from the garden and kept it short – 2 hours – and small – 8″X10″. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Check out some of Fonzie’s beautiful work on his website:


  My friend Carey is going to have a baby – she looked adorable on her baby shower. I wanted to finish a quick painting of her in time for the shower, but with two kids life never goes according to plan. This was my rough sketch for the painting.

The kids and Inky – take 2

  I’m still doodling around for a painting I want to make of Reihan, Priya and Inky for our christmas card later this year. I think I like this version better. Reihan looked at it and said “Why are Reihan and Priya sleeping?”